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Reopening Staunton – Augusta – Waynesboro (SAW)

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Strategic Framework

Business Scale-Up

Strategic Framework

Growing Existing Business

Downtown Staunton

Downtown Waynesboro

Downtown Waynesboro

Downtown Staunton

Greater Augusta Regional Tourism (GART) is comprised of the Staunton, Augusta, and Waynesboro tourism offices. Because tourism is a significant contributor to the Staunton, Augusta, Waynesboro (SAW) area, funding was awarded to help tourism-related businesses that have been severely affected by COVID-19 closures.The project will develop a three-phased outreach program encouraging locals and visitors to discover the region as a close-to-home, safe destination for day trips and overnight travel.

Watch to learn how business are safely reopening!

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The outreach program, Reopening SAW, consists of:

Educational videos highlighting local businesses and their afforts to safely reopen
A micro-website serving as inspiration for potential travelers with itinerary ideas and safe activities
A digital passport or coupon book connecting locals and visitors directly with the business community

Click the image to learn more about the SAW Savings Passport

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