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GO Virginia Region 8 Important Events

All Council and Committee Meeting are open to the public.

For additional meeting information or access please contact Deborah Flippo, Region 8 Executive Director, at or use the form:

Council and Committees

Functions as the governing body for Region 8 as set by the Code of Virginia and sets the organizational agenda. The Regional Council votes on project investments, operating budget, and council membership.

Operates on behalf of the Regional Council at the direction of the Chair and/or Vice Chair.

Reviews Region 8 applications, ensures compliance with GO Virginia guidelines, ensures project alignment with Region 8 Growth and Diversification Plan, makes recommendation to Regional Council for project approval

Reviews all new candidates, forms recommendations to present to Council and Executive Committee about new member approval, ensures adherence to DHCD guidance and Virginia Code on Council formation, and conducts Council certification annually.

Responsible for overseeing the development of the Growth and Diversification Plan in accordance with DHCD guidance and Code of Virginia.

Upcoming Agendas

Regional Council

Executive Committee – March 1, 2023

Grant Review Committee

Nominating Committee

Growth and Diversity Committee

Archived Agendas and Minutes

” It has been so exciting to be part of the GO Virginia Executive Committee since it’s inception! To watch the growth and momentum build from a concept to the completion of such important projects throughout our region has been very rewarding.“  

– Joanie Eiland, Regional Council Vice Chair   

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